Dreaming with Groupthink

When creating my Reporting My Dream post, I made the mistake of not narrowing down my internet interests and commenting on why I like each one. However, as Jessica Ewing categorized her internet interests  to her two main features, I’d like to do the same.

I like the internet because it offers me two sets of different perspectives. The first perspective is that it offers me is an outlet to keep up with the world – whether it be with  keeping up with the people I have encountered during the course of my lifetime or with current events and world news. This is where I like using Facebook and Twitter. The second perspective is the ability to take a step back from all of these worldly influences and focus on myself and what my interests are, which is what Tumblr and Pinterest allow me to do.

Reading through my peer’s posts, I noticed we had similar digital objects, if not the same ones. I even learned that some of the things they mentioned in their own “Reporting the Dream” posts were things that I too use my digital objects for, yet failed to report. It was also interesting to see their different perspectives of the same digital objects too. Which brings me why I would like to study my own digital objects – it is because I feel that I can better understand and elaborate on the sources of digital objects through my own perspective and experiences using each individual site.

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