Reporting My Dream

In my previous post, What Will I Dream?, I posted various sources of Social Media I tend to find myself on. While there are obvious reasons for what these internet sources can do for a person, the reasons of how people use them  and why they like to use them is different among person to person. Again, it has to do with the idea of experiencing the world through different outlets and through different perspectives.

I find myself on lots of social media sites because I tend to be a people person and usually find myself engaging in a lot of social events interacting with lots of people too.

I like to use Facebook because it allows me to keep up with those I’ve met and continue to keep in constant interaction with them.  I believe that there’s a reason why we’ve crossed paths with those we’ve encountered during our lifetime. Whether we ended up as the best of friends or merely as acquaintances, I feel like in someway or another they’ve had some affect on shaping our daily lives.  In addition, I’m also a strong advocate for networking. I am definitely one of those people who agree with the saying that it’s not about what you know, but who you know. I like to keep up with people because you never know what someone can do for you and what you can offer them. Based on culture and my upbringing, I am also very family oriented. My parents come from very large families – my dad having 12 siblings and my mom having 4. With many aunts, uncles, about 60 first cousins, and with all of us living in different parts of the world, I can continually be part of their lives no matter where we are. Furthermore, for myself, I think it’s not necessarily always being in the know with what’s happening in people’s lives, but more so because I find myself genuinely caring for others and making sure that everyone in my life is content and in some sort of well-being.

I like to use Twitter because I feel like it’s sort of like a compilation of Facebook statuses posted in real time. By real time, I mean that when tweets are posted, it’s actually posted as a chronological timeline. I feel like the study of people is interesting, and Twitter offers a range of your followers’ emotions, thoughts, and perspective on the world happening around them.

I like to use Tumblr and Pinterest because of the creative outlets each provide. Scrolling though, I find myself day dreaming of the possible things I can accomplish with my life, whether it’s in short term or long term goals. For example, I have a strong affinity for traveling. I like to use the idea of traveling to motivate me to save my money for the experiences I could possibly encounter rather than on physical objects that offer short-term gratification. Or as draining as classes can get, it also motivates me to finish school so I can one day travel the world after I graduate as it will hopefully allow me to have the funds to travel as well. Going through both sites, it allows me to continue to motivate myself as I sort of prepare myself for the all possibilities I could discover in the world.


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