Campbell Weis: SOH Blog Post #2

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With weeks 7-10¬† underway, I feel like I have a better understanding on the realm surrounding positive psychology. I believe the information that we’ve gathered in the past couple of weeks has really taught me about myself, and showed me my strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply these skills in a professional working environment. In the first couple weeks of this class we learned about the basic information regarding Mindfulness and certain ways we can work towards keeping ourselves happy. Now as we are ending the course we are digging deeper and understanding how our emotions and impulsive choices can affect us in the long run. We started off weeks 7-10 by discussing romantic relationships as well as getting to know your inner self. We can use the different acts of Mindfulness to accept our inner selves and set improvement where it might be needed. This class has taught me that its extremely important to live in the moment, and that its never to late to make a change in trying to improve your well being. I tend to live in the past, overthinking & over analyzing my decisions and choices. I’m planning on working towards letting silly decisions go in order to lessen my anxiety and bettering my own mental state. The photo for this blog is expressing how I want to work towards letting go of my familiar way of negative thinking, and gain a more positive outlook.

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  1. This is what is so great about this lessons. We ca apply them into every aspect of our lives whether it be relationships, work, school etc. I also have the same problem as you as I live in the past too and tend to be anxious over everything but hopefully we can both learn to work on that and improve ourselves.

  2. I think you’re very right in saying that this class is giving you the chance to really just let yourself live rather than being so focused on what has already occurred in the past. Just like you this class has thought me how to be free and not really care too much about what others think of me.

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