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Thoughts on Listening Week 2 HW

The first sound I am attracted to is the recurring gong that is present for at least the first 10 minutes of this recording. It is very rhythmic, dark, and ethereal. If the tempo was sped up a bit, it could be a lower layer in some sort of electronic song.

Around 16 minutes, the sound changes to something lower and bubblier. This also seems like a track that would fall into a lower layer of an electronic song of some sort. I see this and the gong working together in this song. It seems to me like a sound has been stretched out and warped to create this sound.

Then around 24 minutes, there is some sort of bamboo drum sounding instrument. This would work well in combination with the other two sounds in this made up song in my head. These sounds combined would be a simple, yet slow and ethereal beat.


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