I’m not sure if any of you have had to sew something before or have had to make something out of fabric and use a sewing machine, most of you probably have let’s be honest, but recently I just learned how to sew using a machine for my space research class, not really about outer space, I had to make a skirt from scratch and I used patterns that I bought from a fabric store and everything and it is frustrating to use sometimes.

I started at around 8 this morning and was able to almost have the skirt done by the time I am writing this, 1:33, and I am pretty proud of myself despite having a near mental breakdown when I took the pattern out. I used an old pattern that was meant to replicate a skirt from the 1940s and it was difficult because all it showed me was pictures and very few words to help me place what the heck was going on. After measuring everything and finally figuring out what I used what for, using common sense apparently, I was able to get my size and cut out the pattern. Which was the easy part. It’s a bit difficult to try to sew everything up so it could look as nice and simple and I still have to attach the waist which is already proving to be a nightmare because of the complicated angle and placement I have to sew in. Moving on to the machine I really enjoyed setting it up and seeing how it all worked, there are some dials on it that still trip me up but it’s really fun and it’s making me want to sew more of my own clothes. Which I would totally do if the fabric wasn’t so expensive. I went to a fabric store yesterday and bought 2 1/2 yards of three things of fabric and it was about 8.99 per yard which isn’t too pricey but can add up after more than one thing of fabric. I had started out with nicer looking fabric but it was about $28 per yard and I was not gonna go broke over this final project, I was already broke enough as it is. I still am.

Anyways I recommend sewing and making clothes from scratch because it is super fun to see how you can create something from nothing and be able to wear it out.


I have had a horrible time trying to remember things and what to do and when to do it. I write stuff down but I never really check the places I write down. It’s almost like I need a mini planner to remind me to check my actual planner. I have the thought in my head when I am unable to do a certain task, almost like a “hey you gotta do _____ by tomorrow.” and then I think, “Alright yeah” but I always forget to do it. Unfortunately, this has been happening with these blog posts. I forgot to do two of them, meaning I let a whole two weeks pass by with the thought and intention of doing them, but ultimately forgetting to do them. Just like with the essay #3 we are working on now, I write it but forget to revise and go back to check my mistakes, meaning my peer review partner has his work cut out for him, sorry dude. I also sometimes forget to do my Reading Literature homework, which is essentially a written discussion blog post on what we read for the week, and that sucks because its the only homework we have and if I don’t do them my grade could go down, which already sucks on it’s own because no one likes having low grades. Especially if you’re going to a school with borrowed money. Sometimes I forget about people’s birthdays, thank god for snapchat, but when I do I feel awful that I haven’t got a gift for them or I didn’t say happy birthday the day of their birthday. Other things I forget, besides homework, is where things are when I put them away. The other day I thought I lost my airpods, I know I’m a terrible owner, and I gave up hope of finding them, I had really only checked my bed so I could’ve checked more thoroughly but eh, and my mom texted me a few days after they were ‘lost’ saying I had put them in her purse when we went dress shopping last weekend.  (Also I went dress shopping for a wedding, I don’t regularly do that because I am broke) As soon as she told me that I remembered exactly what I told her and what I was doing when I put them in her purse. Also, thank god for moms, I mentioned briefly that I thought I had lost my airpods and she went looking for two days for them god I love her.

Clothes and Netflix

Lately, I feel like all I do is complain and rant whenever I type or do a blog but honestly I’m just going to continue doing it because I feel better afterward. So what I have been thinking about is clothes and the outfits I put on before classes. Sometimes I wake up and have no idea what I’m wearing and honestly don’t really care but other days I have an outfit already pictured in my head and know exactly what I want to wear and even what accessories to pair it with. If I had a bad day I even try on clothes or outfits that I picture in my head from the clothes in my closet. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out and they end up looking awful, but other times they can look pretty cute.

I don’t know if it’s just me but wearing a cute outfit or clothes that make me feel good about myself really kinda lifts me up if I’ve been having a bad day or even a bad week. Also, I usually save my ‘good’ outfits for Fridays because those are my longest days. Sometimes though when I wear an outfit and I guess not a lot of people have seen it or I only wear it just to go out real quick I’ll put it on again. It’s pretty boring to talk about and to probably read about so I apologize if this weeks blog post is a bit of a snooze fest. Lately I have been watching a lot of shows on netflix and usually the same show is friends. I watch it all the time even though I have seen the whole show at least twice. A lot of people hate it and kinda call it basic but I mean I grew up with the show because my parents always had it on and we all bond over it so I kinda have a soft spot for it even though it can be a bit boring to watch sometimes. After seeing it two times I usually just out it on for background noise.

Another show that I have been pretty eager to watch as of recently has to be On My Block. I’ve seen the first season but I know the second season came out today around 3 in the morning and thankfully I haven’t seen any spoilers for it (yet) but I’m looking forward to watching it!! Also recommend watching it.

Queer Eye + Baked Goods

I’m not sure if many of you have watched Queer Eye, I’m sure many have heard of it but just in case, it is a show about 5 gay men who try and revamp someone who has been a bit muted in their life and stylistic choices. Well recently, I think last week, their new season just came out on Netflix and I decided to give it a go. I had watched the show before this but never really paid attention to it, I had it on for background noise (kinda how some people play Friends for background noise while working) and I never saw the ‘wow’ factor that so many people said it had.

Though when I started watching it this week, I really really watched it this time, I felt myself falling in love with the personalities of these men and the way they were so caring a giving. Not to mention almost every episode made me smile without even realizing it and I shed some tears. (a lot). I feel like the point of bringing the show up is to talk about what they are doing for these people. They are bringing out the person that’s always been inside but was too scared to show through. They would bring out the beauty in others in an uplifting and encouraging way, and call me cheesy (my boyfriend did when I told him this) but I think that’s how we should all treat each other honestly. Seeing how we can uplift others with just a few words and a smile is really powerful and moving.

Also watching this has really started to improve my actions as well, which I’m not saying that I was a rude mean person but it made me act carefully compared to before. Sidetracking, which is what I always do, but while writing this I am eating a muffin and wondering about how other people feel about baked goods and treats. I will go first, I absolutely hate cake. Cannot eat it. Well, I mean birthday cake, like icing and sprinkles and that weird gell that covers the top of the fruit cakes? That’s all so gross I cannot understand how people can eat it. Also speaking of cakes, cupcakes. I’m not sure if any of you have heard of Georgetown Cupcakes, but they make cupcakes and they were a pretty big deal for a while. Well, they were not good. Too much icing and it was awful.


I leave with a question: What do you guys usually like to watch on Netflix, and what is your favorite baked good?


Recently I find myself to be stressed out and stretched a little thin over the past two weeks. The week before spring break was stressful because I had projects due in my art classes and the week that just started, after spring break, is stressing me out and it is only Tuesday. I had the unfortunate experience of having to apply to my major for the arts program and I had another project due today around 12, the same time the application was due. I think I went to sleep around 3:30 in the morning and still had some work left undone. I woke up feeling awful, because I have been sick for the past two weeks, thanks universe, and then my roommate decided to use the bathroom for 45 minutes, almost making me late for class :). Another thing that adds to my stress: Roommates. I have three of them, and I have discussed them before but they still seem to drive me crazy. They are always inconsiderate of each other, plus me, and they seem to ignore the fact that they have other people living with them! One of them leaves her brush, full of her hair, on the table where we eat, another slams the doors when she gets in from her boyfriends around 12 AM and the other still plays until an ungodly hour. I am ready to move out is basically what I am saying.

Also, midterms have been all over me and I am tired and I just want to sleep for two weeks. One week spring break is too little, like we get rushed to finish work before the break, handed more work to do during the break, and then given piles of more stuff after the break. When do we have this break? I don’t think it counts as a break if there is work involved. Sigh. Though I am not thinking of how hard it must be for others who also have jobs on top of school work that they need to do over the break, or that they did considering it’s after the break. I feel for them, I have work but I don’t work on a regular schedule, I work when they call me in and that’s about it. I cannot imagine how stressed I would be if I had work along with school work and art projects, at least I wouldn’t be so broke from buying all the art supplies I have to get.


Whenever I get sick I really start to let it affect me and everything that I do and it’s beyond aggravating. Sometimes its as bad as being too lazy to take medicine and that doesn’t help me at all and it especially doesn’t help my cold. Being away from home and getting sick means I can’t really bother my mom and complain all the time about feeling crappy and ill, being away and alone means I have to take care of myself and learn to do it myself. Which is frustrating because I am usually the type of person who likes to be looked after. Also, I have to be more careful about what I eat so I don’t hurt my throat or stomach while I’m sick.

I’ve noticed that when my parents are home sick they seem to complain ten times as much as I do and they baby around the house and not care about what anyone else needs or wants. It’s weird to me to see how different people are when they are sick and when they have a cold, everyone acts differently and some don’t even care that they are sick or ill at all. Some people stay home and drink tons of meds and fluids while others ignore the fact that they are sick and still go out and just not care. It’s also interesting how some people are absolutely afraid of getting a common cold and the thought of getting one terrifies them that they always use hand sanitizer or they don’t touch stuff at all.  Sharing a room or having a roommate who’s sick is something no one can really avoid at college which is tough because where else are you going to sleep while your roommate is having a coughing fit or refuses to cover their mouth when they sneeze? You can’t really do anything except hope that you don’t get sick yourself and to always take precaution with them.




Annoying Things

Not contacts on your phone but the ones you wear on your eyes if you are unfortunately blind, like me. Recently the one thing that has been annoying me lately is my contacts, they always seem to move around and kinda get stuck near the bottom of my eye when I blink. I’m not sure if it is something wrong with me or how I put them in, but somehow they are always a little out of place.

Now, I have recently realized that it seems like only one of them, gets out of place and the other stays perfectly fine! It’s so annoying and has been bugging me for days. Moving on the other things that annoy me, I know we all have roommate issues and we all have troubles when it comes to living with someone we don’t really know all that too well, some of us. I know that others are able to get along with their roommates fine but that is something I don’t want to think about because I am highly jealous, maybe.

I don’t live in on-campus housing, I live on what VCU considers off campus because it isn’t a dorm. So I was matched with three girls that I had never met and they are all older than me by two or three years, at first I didn’t think it was much of a big deal, the first semester went by easily enough with no problems and I was fine. Though when the second semester started one of the other girls who live in the room next to me began to start playing videogames out in the living room until about 3 or 4 in the morning. At first, it was once every week, maybe twice if I was unlucky. Also, she was very quiet when she played, made no disturbance. But lately, she has been screaming at the tv late at night, and she has been playing almost every night this week, until about 5 or 6. I haven’t said anything to her because I hate having to confront people with problems, but I feel like I am almost at my limit to where I am probably going to confront her about it and hopefully I’m not too mean, I hate being mean to people.

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