Whenever I get sick I really start to let it affect me and everything that I do and it’s beyond aggravating. Sometimes its as bad as being too lazy to take medicine and that doesn’t help me at all and it especially doesn’t help my cold. Being away from home and getting sick means I can’t really bother my mom and complain all the time about feeling crappy and ill, being away and alone means I have to take care of myself and learn to do it myself. Which is frustrating because¬†I am usually the type of person who likes to be looked after. Also, I have to be more careful about what I eat so I don’t hurt my throat or stomach while I’m sick.

I’ve noticed that when my parents are home sick they seem to complain ten times as much as I do and they baby around the house and not care about what anyone else needs or wants. It’s weird to me to see how different people are when they are sick and when they have a cold, everyone acts differently and some don’t even care that they are sick or ill at all. Some people stay home and drink tons of meds and fluids while others ignore the fact that they are sick and still go out and just not care. It’s also interesting how some people are absolutely afraid of getting a common cold and the thought of getting one terrifies them that they always use hand sanitizer or they don’t touch stuff at all.¬† Sharing a room or having a roommate who’s sick is something no one can really avoid at college which is tough because where else are you going to sleep while your roommate is having a coughing fit or refuses to cover their mouth when they sneeze? You can’t really do anything except hope that you don’t get sick yourself and to always take precaution with them.




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  1. I love this blog. I recently had the flu and tonsillitis at the same time and now I am suffering from a cold. It’s strange how sick I have gotten in the past month because I rarely ever get sick in general. The last time I was sick was when I was in the ninth grade with the flu. I hate feeling sick! But I do love when my mom babies me and takes care of me. I commute so I’m lucky I still have her to take care of me when I am not feeling up to getting out of bed. Also staying in my bed is really nice and having my dog keeping my company is comforting! I also try to stay in my room as much as possible so that way I can avoid getting the rest of my family sick, but when my stepdad gets sick he stays downstairs and watches TV and complains and spreads all his sick germs. It is so annoying and inconsiderate! it’s funny to watch people and how they act when they are sick and how differently they take a cold.

  2. I didn’t realize the different ways people deal with colds or illness in general until I read your blog. I am the type of person who complains or makes it dramatic, or at least that’s what my mom has told me. since coming to college, I have been more responsible with my health. I have created a medicine shelf just so I can take of myself when i’m not feeling well. I’m curious as to how you take care of yourself when you get ill? Do you just go through the motions or also fill up on meds?

  3. I can relate to this post because when I’m sick my girlfriend says I act mean and its probably true. I’m not feeling well and that energy rubs off on her since she is around me the most. It shouldn’t be this way since all she wants to do is help me feel better. This usually lasts until she gets sick too and then the roles switch. I then have to take care of her while she has a tiny attitude since her energy is rubbing off. Lastly, if you do get sick in the future, Vicks vapo rub is a great trick that my family uses to cure almost everything.

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