I have had a horrible time trying to remember things and what to do and when to do it. I write stuff down but I never really check the places I write down. It’s almost like I need a mini planner to remind me to check my actual planner. I have the thought in my head when I am unable to do a certain task, almost like a “hey you gotta do _____ by tomorrow.” and then I think, “Alright yeah” but I always forget to do it. Unfortunately, this has been happening with these blog posts. I forgot to do two of them, meaning I let a whole two weeks pass by with the thought and intention of doing them, but ultimately forgetting to do them. Just like with the essay #3 we are working on now, I write it but forget to revise and go back to check my mistakes, meaning my peer review partner has his work cut out for him, sorry dude. I also sometimes forget to do my Reading Literature homework, which is essentially a written discussion blog post on what we read for the week, and that sucks because its the only homework we have and if I don’t do them my grade could go down, which already sucks on it’s own because no one likes having low grades. Especially if you’re going to a school with borrowed money. Sometimes I forget about people’s birthdays, thank god for snapchat, but when I do I feel awful that I haven’t got a gift for them or I didn’t say happy birthday the day of their birthday. Other things I forget, besides homework, is where things are when I put them away. The other day I thought I lost my airpods, I know I’m a terrible owner, and I gave up hope of finding them, I had really only checked my bed so I could’ve checked more thoroughly but eh, and my mom texted me a few days after they were ‘lost’ saying I had put them in her purse when we went dress shopping last weekend.  (Also I went dress shopping for a wedding, I don’t regularly do that because I am broke) As soon as she told me that I remembered exactly what I told her and what I was doing when I put them in her purse. Also, thank god for moms, I mentioned briefly that I thought I had lost my airpods and she went looking for two days for them god I love her.

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  1. I relate to this so much. I forget almost everything and at times it’s really upsetting, especially when I made plans with someone and forgot that I did. This happened a lot this semester, I would make plans to get dinner or something with my friend and I would end up completely forgetting and just get food by myself. Luckily i’ve gotten to the point with homework where I just do everything the day I get it, no matter when it’s due, just so I have it done and can’t forget it. I use to use planners and stuff like that but I eventually forgot to even put stuff in the planner so it wasn’t really useful. I also don’t like how I forget what people say so easily, a lot of time I have to have them repeat to me a couple times, and I even do that with my own self, sometimes I tell stories 3 or 4 times before I realize I already talked about it. I really wish I knew a way to fix this, or get better at remembering things.

  2. For one I appreciate your honesty in this post. I relate to this post to a certain extent because I’m not a very forgetful person. I’m more of a worrier. I don’t usually forget assignments, birthdays, or material things but they don’t leave my mind because I’m always worrying about what I have to do next and making schedules so I can be sure I have time for everything. However, I do underestimate how long it actually takes me to do an assignment so I’ll start on it too late so it may not be as good as it could’ve been if I gave myself enough time which in turn results in a lower grade which no one likes as you said.

  3. I can relate to this so much. I don’t really tend to forget about assignments unless I have a lot on my plate, because I have a lot of anxiety about my grades. But I forget almost everything else. I always forget what people told me, like their names, birthdays, or just events that happened in the past. I often forget to do things like run errands or forget what I walked into a room to get. I also thank my mom so much because she always keeps me on task and reminds me to do important things such as deal with money for college, fill out paperwork, and many other things.

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