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The last few weeks of this course were spent mostly focused on our final projects, which were supposed to challenge us and force us to reflect back on all the topics we’ve covered in this class. I’ll admit, when this project was first introduced I was not too fond of it; a  group project where the instructions were basically “do anything that relates to this class”. However, my opinion of the projects drastically changed when groups began presenting and explaining theirs. It was inspiring to see all the creativity and innovation that had gone into what some groups did. It also got me feeling a little sentimental about the end of this course as groups mentioned past lectures and why they chose the topic that they did. While the topics ranged from mindfulness to substance abuse the projects themselves were similar because they all tried to spread a little bit of this class out across campus and Richmond.

Watching the presentations gave me a chance to reflect back on the class and everything I’m taking away from it. I know I am a more self-aware and positive person because of this course. Everything around us contributes to our overall wellbeing and then in turn our behaviors and attitudes effects the wellbeing of those we interact with. Just one small act of kindness or one compliment causes a ripple effect that can spread across a campus, city, and even the world. It’s this attitude that Science of Happiness has taught me and I am so grateful for it.

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  1. I also enjoyed the presentations, creating games is a fun way to share information on science of happiness models. I also enjoyed the creativity put behind the projects, I loved how a group was a able to take what we learned in class to another class in a middle school.

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