The Second Nug

Men appear to think more naturally and easily in terms of goals than in terms of courses. True, they usually know something about directions in which to travel or lines along which to work, but few start out with precisely formulated itineraries. Who, for example, would depart from Boston for Los Angeles with a detailed specification of the route? Instead, to paraphrase Wiener, men bound for Los Angeles try continually to decrease the amount by which they are not yet in the smog.

Is a strange paragraph in Lidlickers sci-fi essay. his tone shifts as if he’s telling an inside joke degrading LA as smugly as possible. I like the first line about thinking in terms of goals rather than courses though. But the bi-coastal travel analogy is weak. we do think in terms of our goals. Map apps route the quickest way possible. We’re goal oriented. The last line is sort of poetic.

EDIT: I think Licklader (not Lidlicker) is trying to demonstrate his point of looking for the goals. Within all the science talk there appears this paragraph, a figurative oasis where the reader gets to imagine a flight to Boston. Is the paragraph there to be read through and ignored then forgotten? I don’t know. I believe the movie Transcendence with Jonathan Depp is an example of Man-Computer Symbiosis gone mad.

I very much enjoyed The Auld Chitter Chat‘s idea that the film Her is similar to Lickladder’s essay.

I also like that touch screens resonate so much with Brandon Rogers.

I also like Fuentesca93’s observation that current technologies save us time