The Urban Forestry Collaborative

A community-engaged research project in Richmond, Virginia.

The Urban Forestry Collaborative represents unique organizations with common purpose- to protect and enhance the urban tree canopy in Richmond, Virginia.

The Carver Tree Project

The Carver Tree Project is the Urban Forestry Collaborative's first project. It is a collection of organizations working to make the Carver Neighborhood a more sustainable community.  The goals of the project are to,

  • Make the Carver Neighborhood a greener, more walkable neighborhood.
  • Understand the economic, social, and human health benefits of trees in the Carver Neighborhood and in the City of Richmond.
  • Build and sustain partnerships that support ongoing research in urban forestry and urban ecology.

The Carver Tree Project is made possible with grant funding from the VCU Division of Community Engagement and The Virginia Department of Forestry.