Trees provide us with aesthetic value by making our streets look beautiful, but they also provide us with valuable ecosystem services including:

Stormwater Management

  • Trees catch and use water before it enters our sewage systems. This reduces stormwater runoff, causing fewer toxins to enter our sewers, creating cleaner waterways and healthier ecosystems.

Carbon Sequestration 

  • Trees take up CO2 from the air and use it in their photosynthesis process and can also help filter out toxins. This creates cleaner air and helps to mitigate climate change by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.


  • When the urban tree canopy is thicker, there is more shade, which allows for safer and more enjoyable walking. It also decreases the surface temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning, which saves energy and saves residents money.

Happier Communities 

  • People living in areas with more trees tend to experience a significantly higher quality of life and enjoy their time spent outside more.


  • Trees provide great habitat for insects and songbirds, which is of great ecological value in an urban environment, where habitat can be very scarce.