MHIS243 thoughts on listening

thoughts on listening

The first sound that stuck out to me was at 20:49. It sounds like a wooden percussive element with a very hollow feeling to it. It appears to be holding a steady, slow beat. This would be a useful sample as part of a greater beat, maybe acting as a sort of “snare” that other sounds would build upon.

The second sound(s) that moved me began at 30:40. The overlaying of multiple sounds at the same time – the voice singing a simple repetitive melody along with the backing of a sang note being sustained, in combination with the baseline synth with occasional lighter notes – created a very rich and bright texture that sounded very cohesive and put together to me. I would sample this combination of sounds as a main backing piece to something greater, perhaps adding some simple percussive elements to blend the steady rhythms that both the singing voice and the synth seem to hold.

At 49:39, there is a whistling noise that stuck out to me. It holds a sustained note that to me exists with intent. It feels very distant, like a brief call into the dark I believe it would be useful as a sample for an audio-visual application, such as backing a scene that is cold, distant, and detached, with select sounds working to complement the very minimal texture that it creates.


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