Chris on Conservatism

When I read the first line on saying colleges becoming “too conservative”,  I immediately thought oh he means politically, but to the contrary not so.  Also,  the mention of Bill Mayer was mentioned in the article which got me searching what he had said and what the backlash was all about. This gave me a better understanding now why Chris Rock doesn’t want to speak at schools. A group of people are trying to ban Bill from speaking at their commencement ceremony because of a comment he said about Muslims. It may have offended people, but he did have the right to say whatever he wanted on his show. Anyways, back to Chris Rock. He mentioned how colleges are so quickly to make sure they don’t offend anyone now a days. In a sense I completely agree with him. I feel like now in todays society I have to be careful with how I word things as well. Everyone is so quickly to point fingers at people now to try and catch them maybe “saying something wrong”.  So what does this get us thinking? Rock goes” It just isn’t fun anymore”. We are looking at a comedian, who at times gets his work at the expense of others. However, don’t we know about that when we ask for certain speakers? Especially comedians.

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