Week 5 Weekly Blog Post

The author talks a lot about the connection between creativity and student learning, in your opinion, how are intelligence and creativity related?  Are the notions of imagination and creativity captured within any SOLs you have found?  If so which ones, and in what ways?

The notions of creativity and student learning go hand and hand. I believe in any classroom it is essential to implicate both aspects. For young students, creativity is essential in the growth of their minds, being able to have that creativity and learning in the same classroom is important. In relationship to specific content a student might be triggered by that creative process to help himself or herself learn that material even better by making those connections to one another. When it comes to creativity being captured within the SOL I would have never thought the SOL would have any relationship to creativity. Until I began making those connections all the time in real world scenarios. For example, I was walking down the street and I saw an individual ride past me on a bike, I sat there and thought wow that connects to simple machines. I went back home and connected it to many grade levels SOL’s based on that topic, simple machines.

Week 5 Daily Art 1

SOL 1.20 patterns, functions, and algebra. A student will be able to sort and classify concrete objects according to one or more attributes, including color, size, shape, and thickness. I sorted the pasta noodles by their shape, one was the twirly noodle while the other one was small circular noodles. 

Week 5 Art/ Making Activity

The first tutorial I completed was the sticky note, this one was easy. I learned to create a sticky note onto the side of the screen, I then adjusted the size, typed in it, and moved it around. Next I mastered the file export, this is important because it showed how to export the files I created onto my computers hard drive so I can come back to them later. Then I did the tutorial for drawing tools, this tutorial showed me how to access every tool I specifically would need for a project on silhouette. Next was text to path, this showed me how to create text art to mold to the shape of an object. Then I did node editing, this showed me how to warp a simple object into something more complex. Lastly was new font management, I learned that after the purchase of fonts how to apply them into your design tab and edit them.



Final Art Project Update 1

For this piece I decided to try something new. I have never been a big painter or crafter, I’ve always felt I have been bad at it. So I decided I needed to branch out and get over my fear of failure. I chose to do an abstract piece of art, I don’t know why but a certain image came to my mind when I thought about painting. I am trying to take what is mentally in my head and recreate it onto canvas. I want to do it slowly to see how this imagine of what I want to do in my head changes over time.

Week 4 Daily Art 3

SOL 2.4 Geography, students will be able to develop map skills. They will understand the location of United States, China, and Egypt. This picture shows the location of Egypt on a large scale to get the relative location of where it is located.

Week 4 Blog Post

What does it mean to be a learner?

A learner is like a piece of abstract art. Not knowing which lines connect and the purpose to this lines but they all go together. Each line or piece of the art is like an experience, so minuscule and small but it belongs to the picture as a whole. Every mistake that is painted back over shows a learners troubled times as they are corrected and forgot about. Abstract art is meant to show it’s simplicity and uniqueness in a messy way. To bring forth that no one or nothing will ever be perfect, but as a whole each piece of art/learner is beautiful in their own way.

Week 4 Daily Art 2

SOL 3.2 Force, Motion, and Energy. Students will learn and understand the different types and how simple machines work. In this machine there is a pulley system moving the chain to change the time on a big clock (not pictured).

Art/ Making Activity 2


SOL CE. 13 students will understand the role of the government, recognizing the government creates a currency and coins that are additional forms of money.

Week 3 Daily Art 3

SOL 3.10 Students will learn and understand measurements, perimeter and area. Students will be able to measure the perimeter and area of a polygon.  This tool will be able to measure all of that.