Week 3 Blog Post

4. Can you recall a specific instance or instances when you learned something in school with or through the arts? Briefly retell the experience(s).

When I was in High School in AP Psychology we were learning about the neurons. We had to memorize all the different parts and their use. My teacher stood up in class, put her arm out and started singing a song. I can’t quit remember the song now but I do remember the different parts of the neuron were memorized by the different parts of our arm. By doing this it helped our class to use our arm as a reference and sing to the song. On the test day when we all were on the neuron question, you could see every student put their arm out and mouth the words to the song to help recall the different parts.

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  1. Great post!
    I remember doing so many song/ movement activities as a child as a way for memorization during my childhood and it’s crazy how effective they are, at least for learners like myself. Even at an older age, it might sound or look silly but it really is so beneficial when students follow along like you said.

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