Week 2 Weekly Blog Post

My group chose to focus on SOL 3.13. This SOL focused on temperature, reading a thermometer and being able to round to the nearest degree.

Technology: Thermometer for small groups and big thermometer for class demonstrations. Creating a temperature worksheet reading temperatures and drawing the degree it is at on the picture compared to the number given.

Content: Reading thermometer in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and how to round.

Pediogy: Introducing the topic to the whole class and then braking students into small groups to work on assigned worksheet.

Week 1 Weekly Blog Post

How do you think a personal web site, blog, or social media account could be used in your future teaching career? What has been your educational experiences with these technologies previously either as a teacher or a student?

I think a personal website, blog, or social media allows future teachers to have an advantage. As the generations grow, they become more and more familiar with technology. That being said, using platforms to reach out to students and using that as a resource allows teachers to target that generation a little bit better. I envision myself using some sort of blogging website to keep track of my class, having discussions, allowing questions, and posting homework assignments. This would allow my class to communicate through a regulated website with the class and teacher.   As a student at VCU we use rampages, rampages allows us to have our work out there for the world to see but also allows us to communicate with our class and professor. An advantage of rampages is we can use this site for future generations.