Week 2 Weekly Blog Post

My group chose to focus on SOL 3.13. This SOL focused on temperature, reading a thermometer and being able to round to the nearest degree.

Technology: Thermometer for small groups and big thermometer for class demonstrations. Creating a temperature worksheet reading temperatures and drawing the degree it is at on the picture compared to the number given.

Content: Reading thermometer in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and how to round.

Pediogy: Introducing the topic to the whole class and then braking students into small groups to work on assigned worksheet.

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  1. I liked in your lesson having the small thermometers for groups and a big one for class demonstration. I think to enhance your lesson you could add in how you would talk about some misconceptions the students may have like reading the wrong side of the thermometer and being confused on how to choose what temperature it is. So to help with them not being confused about which side is which you could pick a color or C and for F then highlight the different sides in those colors of all the thermometers while they are getting the hang of it. To help them with picking which temperature to choose, you can tell them its just like math if its .5 or higher you go with the bigger number but if its under .5 you pick the lower number.

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