Weekly Blog Post Week 3

3.5 The student will develop map skills by

Positioning and labeling the seven continents and five oceans to create a world map


Technological Knowledge

  • Map of the world with only continents and oceans labeled
  • Globe


Content Knowledge

  • Positioning and labeling the seven continents and five oceans to create a world map


Pedagogical Knowledge

  • Song clarifying 7 continents and 5 oceans and what they are called, to help them memorize the names before they are bale to locate exactly




  • Singing the song with the class, teaching the content



  • Map of the world with continents and oceans labeled



  • Have the students point to the continents or oceans on the globe as they sing along



Students may think the earth is flat due to the tools shown to them.

Students may think the distance of the continents are different, due to the map of the world and how it is laid out.


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2 Replies to “Weekly Blog Post Week 3”

  1. I like the idea of a song! There is one song I still remember from third grade about explorers so I think songs are great for helping information stick.

    TCK: Are there any online technologies that you could add? Maybe an interactive map? That way students could focus on labeling and learning the locations.

    PCK: I like the song idea. Did you guys make up a song or is there one already out there? Would you introduce the content first? Or start with the song?

    TPK: I like the idea of the students interacting with the maps and globe while using the song. Again maybe some online tools would be helpful to support the song and content.

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