Google Classroom Solar Systems

Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change Topic   Investigating the planets Primary SOL 4.7 The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system. Key concepts include a) the planets in the solar system; b) the order of the planets in the solar system; c) the relative sizes of the planets.

Technology: Students will utilize their laptops by watching a brief informational video to answer a follow
up riddle worksheet. Students can also conduct further research on their own if the video was not
substantial enough for them.
Content: The information presented will aid the students in learning the solar system and various facts
surrounding the planets.
Pedagogy: Students will use this activity to a lesson on planets. They will be familiarized with the locations
of the planets and relative facts in order to enhance classroom discussion.
TPK: watching the video on their laptops will aid the students in being able to understand the shear sizes of
the planets and accurately visualize them in their correct order.
CPK: The students will be able to differentiate the planets and be able to provide feedback to group
discussion as well as know the locations and facts about our solar system at base level.
TCK: The informational video will allow students to visualize the content. Many people learn visually
rather than through auditory means. The content will be able to be seen while taught, helping link any
misconceptions the students may have had.

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  1. I loved this assignment! The worksheet had pictures and a lot of colors that made it interesting to look at. The questions were also fun and not that hard which I think is beneficial for a child that is beginning to study the planets. The only thing that I would change is not posting the answer key with the blank copy. This makes it easy for the students to cheat, rather than actually try on their own. Other than that, great assignment!

    – Da’Zha Hairston

  2. Claire,

    I thought the video you chose for this lesson would help alleviate any misconceptions about the solar system. It’s something students can complete on their own, taking a humanistic approach. The rhyme scheme used to describe the planets in our solar system will help students memorize the content they are taught. The video compliments pedagogy by giving information on the planets that they can then use for the activity. The only thing I would change about this assignment would be the answer key, as students would be more inclined to cheat. However, you could go over the answers the next day in class and review the characteristics of the planets.

  3. Hey! Your assignment was awesome, the riddles we cute and helped the students understand more about the planets!! I would maybe provide the research for the students to get the riddles for younger grades that do not know how to research. Other than that, great work!

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