Google Classroom Week 7

4.4 The student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes. Key concepts include a) the structures of typical plants and the function of each structure

Given the parts of the plant and labels, the students will be able to identify 3 out of 4 parts of the plant and tell each parts function.

Please follow the directions carefully!!!
You are assigned to complete this lesson below. Watch the video, navigate through the slide show, complete the matching activity, and respond to the discussion question.

1. Start here! Watch this video and make sure to take notes while you watch

2. Next, you will explore this slideshow and learn more about the plant and its functions. Below is a link to google slides, click the link and follow the slides from the beginning. Explore all 7 slides and take some quick notes.

3. You are now assigned to complete a document on google slides. Correctly drag and drop the names and functions of the plant.

4. Discussion Question: What is your favorite part of the plant and why?

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PCK: Using the slideshow to learn the information and write notes.

TCK: Using the google docs and labeling the parts of the plant with their functions.

TPK: Having the students watch the video and write notes on the information.

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  1. Overall this was a great lesson to get students started in understanding the parts and function of plants. The slide that was created is a great way for the students to able to practice and show what they have learned during the lesson. The discussion questions also allow assessment of the content knowledge for the instructor. The lesson is appropriate for fourth grade as they should be working towards more independent learning. The only concern I had with the lesson was with the discussion question format. I would allow the students to be able to comment on each others post to reason with each other on why this was their favorite part. This will hopefully bring meaningful conversation and bring any outside knowledge students have gained to each other. Great Post!

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