Week 13 Final Project Update 3

For my final project as I said last time I was running out of ideas as it has gone along faster than planned. I decided to switch it up, instead of doing that free hand, free for all painting I am trying to channel my inner self and just paint what comes to my mind. Whether it is abstract or a figure. As I began doing this I found my self doing more abstract figures than planned. I have become intrigued with what is coming to my mind and how it is being painted onto a canvas.

Week 8 Final Art Project Update

For the final project I decided to do an abstract painting. Like I said earlier it is out of my comfort zone, so trying something new like that has been interesting but fun. It has gone along faster than I would like, but because of this my plan is to go back over and fix/ paint over the parts I don’t like. I have really enjoyed going out of my comfort zone and exploring an artistic side I didn’t know I fully had. My plan in the future is that I do more projects like this.

Final Art Project Update 1

For this piece I decided to try something new. I have never been a big painter or crafter, I’ve always felt I have been bad at it. So I decided I needed to branch out and get over my fear of failure. I chose to do an abstract piece of art, I don’t know why but a certain image came to my mind when I thought about painting. I am trying to take what is mentally in my head and recreate it onto canvas. I want to do it slowly to see how this imagine of what I want to do in my head changes over time.