Catherine Brewington, SPT Class of 2024

Hello! I am excited to join the healthcare community as a physical therapist!

I have traveled many roads to get here, and look forward to the future paths I will take. Many people have inspired this particular choice, and I would need time that school does not currently afford to adequately acknowledge them all. One day!

Joining me on this adventure are my beautiful children Judah, Western, and Julie. They are the apples of my eyes, the fruits of my loom, center of my world, sweet little cherubs….

Quick Educational background:

  • Sports Med in high school, 1999
  • Biomedical Engineering, BS 2005
  • Secondary Education, Physics, MT 2011
  • DPT, (expected graduation) 2024

Personality descriptors:

  • Clifton top 5: Learner, Restorative, Developer, Adaptability, and Intellection


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