There are many struggles and balancing acts that happen during school. For me, these include getting myself and children up in the morning and ready for the day! After this happens everything else typically falls into place, but this crucial morning routine has implications for the rest of the day, potentially spilling into the next.

First, I have to convince myself to get out of bed. The to-do list starts playing in my head: what all has to happen today? Zooooom back in to focus on actually getting out of the bed. Once out of bed and sipping on some revitalizing hot coffee I am ready for the morning’s most intense task: clothing the children. I, myself, am pretty easy, especially these days with the ability to wear scrubs. However, the children need clean clothes, that fit, preferably low stain quality, and with my all-time nemesis: Matching Socks.

I have come to terms with Matching Socks, that they don’t have to Match. But there do need to be 2 relatively equally sized socks for each child. How many children? 3. And sometimes myself.

The rest of the day holds challenges, but they all seem conquerable after this first morning hurdle.

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