The Bridge

There are a lot of details in Book 10 of Milton’s Paradise Lost, but one thing that seemed weird to me was the bridge from hell to earths walls. I do not really understand why this is needed, but I’m sure that Milton has some explanation for this. This is the part happens halfway through the book and Satan had already been to earth through the fountain and Adam and Eve fell. Then Satan encounters Death and Sin on the bridge between hell and earth, but this seems weird.

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  1. You bring up an interesting point. In book 3, Satan makes his way to Earth from Hell, and it is described as being somewhat of an ordeal. Though part of that could just be that Satan is trying to make the trip in stealth, and so it was much more difficult. Then, in book 10, the forces of Hell did not need to be secret and could march triumphantly in to Earth. Then again it could also be that Sin inherited her father/lover’s flair for the dramatic and decided that the forces of hell needed a big fancy bridge to announce their presence.

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