Over the course of the school year, we have gone over many topics such as mindfulness, social emotional learning, depression, translational science, and positive psychology. The major lessons I have learned from the content this semester are to always center yourself in any situation that you are having and practicing mindfulness at least once a day can help you focus a little bit better through out the day. These are lessons that if practiced make a difference in one’s day. Some smaller topics we focused on were PERMA and VIA strengths. These topics were part of positive psychology and I was able to connect to them because they each posed qualities that I could use to better myself.

One thing i can take away from this class is the use of positive psychology. I have always had a weak view of myself mentally and physically. I have struggle with finding self-confidence and self-worth for a long time. I took me getting to know myself and applying good thought to my day-to-day for me to gain that confidence. While I was getting better at owning my own being I still had feelings of no self-worth. When we did the assignment of tracking automatic thoughts it really opened up my mind of what I am really thinking. I am someone who will push things away but when I did this assignment it made me acknowledge what I didn’t want to. Since then, when ever I feel down about myself, I sit back and reflect on what it is that is bothering me. I even type it out in my notes and it helps center myself and from there I mentally map out ways I can turn it around. This has helped me so much and I feel that just doing this is helping me grow in a sense.

3. How do you plan to share the information that you’ve learned and the insights you’ve gained with your social network (both personal network and social media network) after class is over?

I plan on sharing this information mainly through word of mouth. I believe that the best way to reach people is through making the personal connection with them face-to-face. It makes the information more relatable when you make the experience of it one that is memorable. If I were to share it on social media, I would use snapchat and just take short videos taking about my day and how I applied any of the topics I learned in class to my day or whatever situation I was experiencing.



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