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CMoR Learning

In 2012, the CMoR Learning grant was funded through VCU’s Division of Community Engagement to assess and adapt the physical and learning environments of the Children’s Museum of Richmond (CMoR). This grant started the relationship between CMoR and the Department of Occupational Therapy and has remained sustainable by building it into two occupational therapy courses. Over 34 adapted projects to promote access, participation, and learning at the museum for children with disabilities have been developed. In response to CMoR’s interest in starting a Living Lab, VCU and CMoR collaboratively developed the Seymour Living Lab in 2013. The Seymour Living Lab is an educational on-site research lab at the museum. Researchers have conducted active research at the museum, resulting in 147 research participants and over 300 educational opportunities to instruct parents on child development and research.


Jenna Petrosino, Children’s Museum of Richmond,
Carole Ivey, VCU Department of Occupational Therapy,



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