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Evaluating and Assessing Engagement Work

Roadmap to VCU RVA


Harvard Implicit Associations Test

Prior to attending Wednesday, Day 2, each participant should take the Harvard Implicit Associations Test, which can be found online at  Pick 1 or 2 tests that resonate most with you. The test takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Our Inclusive Collaboration workshop will begin with a discussion of the participants’ experiences taking their test.

VCU Community Review Board

A Community Review Board (CRB) is a structured forum for researchers interested in feedback from community members. It is composed of community members who serve as expert reviewers and provide feedback on various aspects of a proposed or ongoing research project, including the design, study implementation, instrument development, recruitment strategies, dissemination and applying research findings to practice. The VCU CRB was adapted from the model developed by the Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core.

Websites Mentioned at #VCUCEI16


Community-University Partnership

Checklist for Establishing Mutually Beneficial Service-Learning Courses

The Engaged Campus: Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Public Engagement

From Scholarship Reconsidered to Scholarship Assessed

Boyer’s Expanded Definitions of Scholarship, the Standards for Assessing Scholarship, and the Elusiveness of the Scholarship of Teaching

Community-Engaged Research

A Quick Start Guide to Conducting Community Engaged Research


Everyday Ethics in Community-Based Participatory Research

Ethical Community-Engaged Research: A Literature Review

Ethics and Law for School Psychologists, 4th Edition

 TED Talks

“Reclaiming the Soul of Higher Education” (15 min)


Optional: “Can Universities be Central to World Change” (16 min)
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