Richmond Neighborhoods

Richmond Neighborhood Map

As we literally and figuratively explore VCU’s relationship to the surrounding City of Richmond, it may be helpful to you to have an understanding of the location of various neighborhoods, visualized in the below map. Find a link to an interactive version of this Richmond neighborhood map here.

Richmond neighborhood map


Learn more through maps:

City of Richmond’s GIS Map Gallery

  • The City of Richmond uses Geographical Information Systems to manage and analyze the geospatial information that applies to many aspects of decision making in government, business, and the community. They have made these maps accessible to the public in this gallery.

VCU Center on Society and Health’s Life Expectancy Map

  • Babies born within five miles of downtown Richmond face up to a 20-year difference in life expectancy. Learn more about life expectancy in Richmond with this map.

University of Richmond’s Redlining Richmond

  • In the late 1930s the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) assessed neighborhoods using a number of factors from terrain to income levels to the “infiltration of a lower grade population”. These maps allow you to investigate the centrality of race in the politics and on the landscape of Richmond in the late 1930s. The site also allows you to layer Richmond’s poverty data from the 2000s over HOLC’s 1930s’ maps.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal’s Mapping RVA: Where You Live Makes all the Difference

  • These maps examine the connection between public policy and economic development in the Richmond region through a fair housing lens.
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