I’m not sure if there’s much teaching and learning to be done in the classroom this week. I’m not referring to covid concerns, social distancing or the inability to hold physical class meetings; I’m talking about urgency and that feeling that what matters now is living and giving the world around us as much attention as possible.

I realize some of this is hyperbole, that learning and reading of books and what not must go on despite the more urgent concerns on the other side of the classroom window, and that it has persisted through all sorts of impressively horrible moments in history.

This has just been one of those weeks where it’s hard to revere things like institutions. It’s hard to focus on studies. It even feels silly to read a book. That’s not good.

This afternoon I planted a basil plant that couldn’t survive another day stuck in the little square plastic pot it came in. It took me 3 minutes so I’m not sure why I hadn’t done it sooner. As I did it I looked at my two children playing on the porch and wondered what I need to do to be a good dad so that they grow up to be happy and compassionate people.