The past couple weeks have inspired a lot of introspection and questioning of thinking and behavior for a lot of us I think. This is a good thing of course, even though the experience can feel pretty dismal every now and then when it seems like people are just intent on being hateful shitheads.

Over the last four days or so though I had a restorative experience because I withdrew into both the fiction and education literature that reminds me of what I believe in. I reread some Ted Chiang, some Colson Whitehead, some Jesmyn Ward, and I reread some lit on Community of Inquiry, UDL and transactional distance.

It’s worth remembering that there are actual things out there that have the power to push our reset buttons. Whoever is reading this, say no to doing something that just feels like a drag, and instead give yourself a couple hours to say yes to something that reminds you of what you love. I’m going to try and do this at least twice a week.