During my work this week I had a somewhat freeing experience – more of a reminder actually – that part of why I’m in this whole PhD thing is so that I can be somebody that breaks rules the right way – for the betterment of the craft and the field. I feel corny saying it. But it’s a major source of inspiration and motivation for me.

I was reading “5 Myths of eLearning Instructional Design” and got to item in which the author challenges the old standard of bullet pointed learning objectives and it dawned on me that I do this in my narrative overviews for courses and modules coupled with the old standard bulleted objectives, but I haven’t really been embracing it the way the author Angel Green encourages us to, not in a more ambitious conscious way anyhow.

This reminded me that most of my joy in teaching, course design, and writing comes from experimentation and that I need to embrace that more and in an intentional, conscious manner every day…but also not do anything stupid and lose my job.