One thing I’m getting used to is uncertainty, and I’m going to take the high road here (instead of complaining!) and say that I’m learning quite a lot, thanks to these exceptionally strange and unique circumstances. When designing for the future, uncertainty is probably one of the most challenging yet rewarding conditions to navigate, work around, and work with.

I’m wrapping up courses in which I’m a student and courses that I teach, and I’m definitely starting to pick up on a fatigue among learners. I sent out a little questionnaire to students in a fall course I’m scheduled to teach (engl 437, which was scheduled to be face-to-face), asking them their preferences for the fall – online, hybrid, f2f with social distancing – knowing that I wont’ be able to make everybody happy but I should at least be able to consider what they want. What has been interesting, as I’ve read and considered and continue to ponder their responses, is that I’m not ready to decide. It’s been really interesting – thinking about the hypotheticals – the internal debates I’m having about what to do and how to do it.