The big trip to Colorado was canceled but the staycation ended up being a nice week of catching up on work and doing some projects around the house. We also squeezed in a short beach trip and a short camping trip. This is to say that a diverse array of stuff done throughout the day makes for a good life, something to really be thankful for.

I think I thrive most when I’m not stuck on one thing or on one note. I’ve been thinking about how this might translate into a course as far as choosing assessments and instructional content. In a way I think I’m talking UDL but in another way I think I’m talking way more than just that – a sort of real world, diverse application of the course content and learning outcomes – stuff that might not seem directly related to the course at first, but in doing it, it becomes a crucial learning experience.

That’s how I feel when I’m allowed the time and freedom to do a lot of different things throughout the day. I like reminding myself to be conscious of connections that aren’t so obvious, like how you can have a break through with one project while digging a hole for a plant, and then reflecting on how that might have happened.