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Curation #2 Gyumin Lee

30 Apr , 2018   Video

This video is about the French president trying to speak Chinese. French president was giving a speech to the Chinese people. He is learning Chinese in the video. He speaks Chinese to appeal to the Chinese people. Chinese people have positive reaction to this speech. It is nice to see other country’s leader trying their best to understand other languages. This video is helpful because it shows other people learning to speak Chinese. I think it’s important for students to see how other people are learning Chinese.


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Curation Project part 2 Patrick Dunegan Chinese 202

25 Apr , 2018


This is the president of China. The U.S. president has stopped trading with China. The Chinese president is very angry about this. This is bad for the United States. relationship. The U.S. president is not good at foreign relations. He is reckless. Many people in the United States do not like the President of the United States because he is reckless. This will hurt the U.S. economy. We need to trade. The transaction is good. China and the United States will negotiate. I hope we will agree. This will affect the future of me and my friends. I think the economy needs trade to be good. Since the President of the United States is a businessman, he may be able to reach an agreement. This video is very important because it is current.

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Patrick Dunegan Curation Project

3 Mar , 2018  


This is Xi Jinping’s video. He is the leader of China and the leader of the Communist Party of China. He can now be the leader of China indefinetly. This is different from the United States. The United States is a democracy. What is better? I like democracy because I choose my leader and they will not lead forever. This is a cultural difference. Xi Jinping does not agree with anyone who does not agree.

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Du Chinese Useful App – Tsire Divyn Curation 2

15 Dec , 2017


Du Chinese是一个非常有用的应用程序,让你阅读不同难度的中文文章。 它用中文向你显示文章,但让你突出你不知道的词,并给你的意思。 这有助于提高理解力。 如果你想练习你的听力技巧也可以读出文章。 您可以保存您遇到麻烦的文字,以便以后查看。 你可以在Android和Iphone上免费下载。


DuChinese is an extremely useful app that lets you read articles in Chinese at varying levels of difficulty. It shows you the article in Chinese and lets you highlight words that you don’t know and gives you the definition. This helps improve comprehension. It can also read the article to you if you want to practice your listening skills. You can save words you have trouble with to review later. You can download it on Android and Iphone for free.

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House Poem by Huang Xiang

28 Nov , 2017   Video


This video is fascinating because it is about a poet who moved to Pittsburgh, PA for freedom of speech in 1990’s. Huang Xiang fought for democracy in China until he was imprisoned. I think it would be interesting for students to go see this house to see how this poet described his journey. He was liberated when he arrived to America, and have been working on his poems. It is interesting to see how dominant the censorship is in China. This helps students to learn about Chinese history and how some people have coped with their strict rules.


这部影片令人着迷,因为它是关于一位诗人于二十世纪九十年代移至 Pittsburgh, PA 年的言论自由。黄翔在中国争取民主直到被囚禁。我觉得学生们去看看这个家看这个诗人如何描述他的旅程是很有意思的。他抵达美国后得到解放,一直在写他的诗歌。看看中国的审查制度是多么地有趣。这有助于学生了解中国的历史,以及一些人如何应对严格的规定。

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16 Apr , 2017  



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5 Apr , 2017  

New York Times是一个著名的美国报纸,但是他们的网站也有中文版。这个网站最好的特征是他们的新闻可以只用英文,只用中文,或两个并排看。

纽约时报中文网 国际纵览(是纽约时报公司旗下的首个中文媒介产品,旨在向中国读者提供有关全球时事、商业及文化的高水准报道。它将时报公司屡获大奖之新闻内容中最精华部分带给全球中文读者,这些内容产自《纽约时报》1200名采编人员和30个全球分社,其中也包括北京、上海及香港记者站。网站内容特为中文读者量身打造,既包括《纽约时报》英文报道的中译版本,也包括本土中文作者及专栏作家专为中文网所撰写的原创稿件。

Source: 纽约时报中文网 国际纵览

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8 Oct , 2016  

我听她今天说台湾的天气。在课,我们学天气。我听不太懂她在说什么可是我在练习。我听她说 现在下雨和很冷。很难我懂很多。


I listen to her talk about Taiwan’s weather today.  In class, we’ve learned about weather. I did not understand all she said, but I am practicing. I heard her say rain and very cold. It was difficult for me to understand all of it.


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Jeremy Lin林書豪出席籃網記者會後的中文採訪

4 Oct , 2016   Video

Jeremy Lin是一个很好的中国篮球运动员。他打篮球为Brooklyn Nets。 在采访中,他谈到他如何能为自己的球队一个很好的球员。他是一个非常优秀的篮球运动员和中国人民爱他。我们还了解到关于篮球和运动类。这是一个非常好的视频。它有很多的运动词汇。


Source: NTDTV  ( New Tang Dynasty Television) – a Chinese news channel:


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