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Mugumya Charine Curation Project 2

15 Dec , 2018  

Towards the end of the semester, we started learning more about chinese idioms and poems. The idioms and poems we watched  in class were both entertaining and meaningful. I decided to look for one myself and came upon this idiom story on determination. I found the meaning of this story very true as hardwork and determination payoff in someway.



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Mugumya Charine Curation project 1

14 Dec , 2018  

Some countries are well kown for their local cusines and have garnered popularity for their taste. In this video, we are shown the preparation of one of the local cusines found in henan province, china.



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京剧: An Introduction to Beijing Opera for Foreigners // Soren Grzegorczyk

5 May , 2018  

“你好!中国!” 是一个外国人学习中国文化的网站。这是关于京剧的视频. 我觉得这个视频很有意思因为我们正在学习中国文化和京剧。这个视频很容易理解因为视频的说话人说英文。这个视频也有中文字幕。这个视频的说话人谈到京剧是一个有二百多年历史的古老戏曲。说话人还谈到京剧的多角色和人物。他最后谈到京剧的乐器。看完这个视频以后,我对京剧的理解进步了。我想中文学生都应该看这个视频吧!

Hello! China! is a website for foreigners to learn about Chinese culture. This video is about Beijing Opera. I think this video is very interesting, because we are currently studying Chinese culture and Beijing Opera. This video is very easy to understand because the speaker in the video speaks English. The video also has Chinese subtitles. The speaker discusses the 200 year history of this ancient opera. The speaker also discusses the various roles and personalities in Beijing Opera. Finally, he discusses the musical instruments used in Beijing Opera. After watching this video, my understanding of Beijing Opera improved. I think all Chinese students should watch this video.

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Mugumya Charine Curation Project#2

3 May , 2018  

这视频是关于一部名为DUCKWEED的电影。 我和台湾朋友谈过中国和美国电影。 我开始看中国电影。 它侧重于父子之间的家庭关系。 我太喜欢它了。 它显示了中国人如何找到重要的家庭。 我认为这是一部好电影. 我认为这部电影很有趣,很伤心并且有着深刻的意义。

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Mugumya Charine Curation Project #1

3 May , 2018  

This video is about a trip around shanghai. It captures the beauty of shanghai.  the video shows popular shanghai attractions while acting as an example to lesson 5, ” A trip to China.” We see the tall modern buildings of shanghai while also seeing the old streets. The video takes us from popular market places in shanghai to the china art museum located in shanghai. We also get to see local shanghai dishes. I found this video helpful as it showed me the insights of shanghai and i hope i get a chance of going myself.

这部影片是关于访问上海。 我们看到高大的新建筑。 我们也看到旧的市场街道。 我们看到上海菜。 我们也看到中国美术馆。 上海是一个非常美丽的城市在晚上。 当我有机会的时候,我期待着访问中国。 我可以使用这个视频来帮助我制定计划。


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Curation #2 Gyumin Lee

30 Apr , 2018   Video

This video is about the French president trying to speak Chinese. French president was giving a speech to the Chinese people. He is learning Chinese in the video. He speaks Chinese to appeal to the Chinese people. Chinese people have positive reaction to this speech. It is nice to see other country’s leader trying their best to understand other languages. This video is helpful because it shows other people learning to speak Chinese. I think it’s important for students to see how other people are learning Chinese.


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29 Apr , 2018  


In this video, two men discuss Chinese food. The two came to China from the United States and have lived in China for a long time. They discuss Chinese restaurants in the west and make comparisons. The two men say American Chinese restaurants and Chinese Chinese food restaurants are not the same. China’s Chinese cuisine is not as sweet as American Chinese food. American Chinese food is also drier than China’s Chinese food. Both men said Americans don’t know that Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food and Vietnamese food are different. Too many Americans often go to Chinese restaurants and order sushi. Very embarrassing! The two men also said that American Chinese food is too expensive. Chinese food in China is cheaper than Chinese food in the United States. I agree. Last summer, I went to Shanghai and ate a lot of Chinese snacks. In Shanghai, food is very very cheap. One more thing: there are no fortune cookies in China! I like Chinese restaurants better than American restaurants, but I love fortune cookies.

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Curation Project part 2 Patrick Dunegan Chinese 202

25 Apr , 2018


This is the president of China. The U.S. president has stopped trading with China. The Chinese president is very angry about this. This is bad for the United States. relationship. The U.S. president is not good at foreign relations. He is reckless. Many people in the United States do not like the President of the United States because he is reckless. This will hurt the U.S. economy. We need to trade. The transaction is good. China and the United States will negotiate. I hope we will agree. This will affect the future of me and my friends. I think the economy needs trade to be good. Since the President of the United States is a businessman, he may be able to reach an agreement. This video is very important because it is current.

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Foreigner Tests Chinese Locals on Their Chinese

24 Apr , 2018  

这部影片展示了一位英语母语人士要求中国人发音和写出不同的汉字。我真的很这个视频, 因为它先是你该大家有中文问题。由于不同的音调和人物,学生们往往很难学习中文。别担心!这是一个令人鼓舞的视频。我喜欢他对中国传统语言和英语的比较。

This video shows a native English speaker asking Chinese people how to pronounce and write different Chinese characters. I really liked this video because it shows you that everyone has problems with Chinese. Students often struggle with Chinese because of the different tones and characters but don’t worry Chinese people are to. It’s more of an encouraging video to those studying. I also liked his point at the end of the video about learning traditional Chinese and his comparison to it for English.

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甜蜜蜜 – 邓丽君 Tian Mi Mi – Teresa Teng

24 Apr , 2018  



This song has simple lyrics. I found this song with the English, Chinese and the Pinyin. It is a slow song that is easy to learn. It is also a popular song so you can sing it with your Chinese friends. I think learning a language with songs is very helpful. By learning simple songs you can practice the more basic phrases to help with your speaking.

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