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“Under the Dome” an environmental documentary about pollution in China (Tyler Barnes)

28 Nov , 2017   Video

我做报告的时候发现了这个。 我觉得这很有意思,我看了一下。 “Under the Dome”是中国的空气污染纪录片。 前中国中央电视台记者柴静独立完成。 它很好地解释了影响中国的 smog 问题。 它向一些负责任的人提出了重要的问题,并解释了普通公民可以做什么。 这是两年前发布的。 几个星期后,政府把它从互联网上拿下来。 它讲述了一个有趣的故事,它也有英文字幕。 听和看有助于更好地理解中文。

I found this when I did the report. I think this is very interesting, I looked at it. “Under the Dome” is China’s air pollution documentary. Former China Central Television reporter Chai Jing produced it independently. It explains well the smog problem that affects China. It raises important questions to some responsible people and explains what ordinary citizens can do. This was released two years ago. A few weeks later, the government took it off the Internet. It tells an interesting story, it also has English subtitles. Listening and watching helps to understand the Chinese language better.


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3 Apr , 2017  

这个网站里有各种关于科学的报道, 你可以看各种你感兴趣的话题,比如天文、 物理、 人文、地球等等。每篇文章的最下面有文章来源, 你可以对照翻译,找你看不懂的句子。是个很好的学习题材。

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