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三个老外吃中国烧烤 – YouTube

2 Oct , 2017  

这个视频是关于老外吃烧烤. 从这里你可以看到各种各样的美食. 我觉得这个视频很有用, 你可以听见他们说各种各样的肉类. 你还可以听见他们讲各种各样的蔬菜. 我觉得现在的学生很喜欢吃这种东西.他们中文讲得很好在点菜的时候. 烧烤便宜又好吃, 很多人很喜欢吃. 我觉得现在的学生很喜欢吃好吃的所以他们会认真的学习这个视频.




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  1. xfibvkev says:

    This video is about eating a barbecue for foreigners.You can see all kinds of food from here.I think this video is useful and you can hear them say all kinds of meat.You can also hear them speak all kinds of vegetable. I think the students like to eat this kind of thing. They are very good in Chinese when they order food. Barbecue is cheap and delicious. A lot of people like to eat this. I think students like to eat barbecue so they would be interested in learning this.

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