Two White Chicks in China

1 Dec , 2017

Two White Chicks in China 是播客关于外国人正在中。主持人的名字叫Nora 和Hollie, 她们都住深圳广东。有很多的搞笑闻见,比如中国人男朋友,奇怪的中国礼仪,尝试新的食物。她们约莫四年在中国做工作和住在。 Hollie是英国人,还有Nora是美国人。她们回答很多的问题 关于中国比如:中文,交通,关系,还有中国比西方国家怎么不一样。我最喜欢集是讨论会关于在中国买奇怪的吃饭和制品。每集,她们告诉你很有意思中国的信息。也教你新中文生词或者短语。虽然播客说英文,我学到了很多关于现代中国文化。可能在将来我给他们打电话,有问题出国留学!

Two White Chicks in China (TWCC) is a podcast about living in China as a foreigner. The host’s names are Nora and Hollie, they are both living in Shenzhen. They have a lot of funny stories about dating Chinese men, strange Chinese etiquette and trying new foods. They have both lived in China for about 4 years. Hollie is English, and Nora is American. They answer questions about China such as: transportation, dating, working, and how China is different from the United States. My favorite episode is when they talk about weird food and products you can buy in China. In each episode, they tell you some interesting news from China. They also teach you a Chinese word or phrase. Although the podcast is in English, I have learned a lot about Chinese culture and modern day news. Maybe one day I will call in to ask them a question about studying abroad!


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