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Du Chinese Useful App – Tsire Divyn Curation 2

15 Dec , 2017


Du Chinese是一个非常有用的应用程序,让你阅读不同难度的中文文章。 它用中文向你显示文章,但让你突出你不知道的词,并给你的意思。 这有助于提高理解力。 如果你想练习你的听力技巧也可以读出文章。 您可以保存您遇到麻烦的文字,以便以后查看。 你可以在Android和Iphone上免费下载。


DuChinese is an extremely useful app that lets you read articles in Chinese at varying levels of difficulty. It shows you the article in Chinese and lets you highlight words that you don’t know and gives you the definition. This helps improve comprehension. It can also read the article to you if you want to practice your listening skills. You can save words you have trouble with to review later. You can download it on Android and Iphone for free.


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