Spring 3rd skype

3 May , 2018  

In this Skype call, we talk about the manner in a dining table. She told me that if someone invites you to a house to eat with their parents, you should finish the food because it is a respect for them that saying that the food is good. I told her that I like people inviting me to free food when eating outside in the restaurant. Asian people like to fight for their bill because they think they should be paying for it. It is kind of a manner. I told her that I would never fight for my bill because I am broke and I need people to pay me. She says that she only pay the bill when there is something going on like a friend is having a birthday and that is when she will pay for it. She told me that when someone is inviting people to the restaurant and they are paying for the bill then that person is going to sit in the middle as a respect for them.

在这个Skype电话中,我们讨论餐桌上的方式。 她告诉我,如果有人邀请你到家里和父母一起吃饭,你应该完成食物,因为这是对他们的尊重,说食物是好的。 我告诉她,我喜欢有人邀请我在餐厅外面吃东西时去吃东西。 亚洲人喜欢争取他们的账单,因为他们认为他们应该为此付费。 这是一种方式。 我告诉她,我永远不会为我的账单而战,因为我破产了,我需要人们来支付我。 她说,只有在朋友有生日之类的事情发生时,她才会付账单,而且她会为此付钱。 她告诉我,当有人邀请人们去餐厅,他们正在为账单付钱时,那个人会坐在中间作为对他们的尊重。


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