Spring 4th Skype

3 May , 2018  

On the 4th skype called, we talked about cultural taboos. For the first time in my life, I just notice there are so many taboos in Asian countries. In the certain day of the year, people are not allowed to go to the pool or beach because there will be a monster underwater trying to pull you down into the water. The reason why the ghost wants to drown the victim is that they want to find a replacement to be reborn again. She told me that do not dry your clothes outside in the middle of the night because the cloth would look like a person and they want to find you during the night. She told me some ways to solve the problem if anything you did any of the stuff above. We talk about the scary movie for a little bit of the conversation because there are a lot of cultural taboos about the ghost. For the first time, I notice that you cannot call a patient full name in the hospital because the ghost will know the patient full name and then they will take away their soul.

在所谓的第四个Skype中,我们谈到了文化禁忌。 这是我一生中第一次,我注意到亚洲国家有这么多的禁忌。 在一年中的某一天,人们不允许去游泳池或海滩,因为在水下会有一个怪物试图把你拉入水中。 幽灵想要淹死受害者的原因是他们想要找到替代品重新出生。 她告诉我,不要在半夜把衣服弄脏,因为布料看起来像个人,他们想在夜间找到你。 她告诉我一些解决问题的方法,如果你做了上述任何事情。 我们谈论这部恐怖电影的一些话题,因为有很多关于鬼魂的文化禁忌。 我第一次注意到,你不能在医院给病人打全名,因为鬼会知道病人的全名,然后他们会剥夺他们的灵魂。


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