Spring 5th skype

3 May , 2018  

during this skype called, we talked about the difference between Chinese and Western medicine. Both I and my partner are impressed by the Chinese because they can just feel our pulse to know what is going on in our body. In American, when people are sick we go buy those medicine that we can drink. In the Asian country, parents would get us medicine that is from plants. I feel like the medicine in Asian country are bitter compared to the American. She told me how she got stomach problem from one of her medicine she ate. She told me that she did not look at the direction when taking the medicine. Both she and I are afraid of getting shot.  We talk about how in Taiwan people have to wait in line to talk to the doctor. I told her that in American we need to make an appointment if we want to see the doctor.

在这个叫做Skype的过程中,我们谈到了中西医的区别。 我和我的伙伴都对中国人印象深刻,因为他们可以感受到我们的脉搏,知道我们身体上发生了什么。 在美国,当人们生病时,我们去买那些我们可以喝的药。 在亚洲国家,父母会从我们的工厂获得药品。 我觉得亚洲国家的药与美国人相比是痛苦的。 她告诉我她是怎么从她吃的药中得到胃病的。 她告诉我,服药时她没有看清方向。 她和我都害怕得到流感疫苗.  我们谈论台湾人如何排队等待与医生交谈。 我告诉她,在美国人,如果我们想看医生,我们需要预约。


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