Spring 6th Skype

4 May , 2018  

In this skype called we talked about the movie that is made from a different country. We ask each other what movie we like to watch. I told her that I like to watch Your Name. After this, we started to have a conversation about this movie. I told her that my wallpaper on my computer. She told me that she works in an art museum where they present the artwork of Your Name. She introduces me to other movies that I might to be interested. Both of us agreed that the movie that Chinese people make suck because the animation is not that great. It looks so fake and not real enough. American movie has some cool animation compare to Chinese

在这个叫Skype的电话中,我们谈到了由不同国家制作的电影。 我们问彼此我们喜欢看什么电影。 我告诉她我喜欢看你的名字。 之后,我们开始谈论这部电影。 我告诉她我的电脑上有我的壁纸。 她告诉我,她在一个艺术博物馆工作,在那里他们展示你的名字的艺术作品。 她向我介绍了其他我可能感兴趣的电影。 我们两人都认为中国人因为动画不是很棒而认为这部电影很吸引人。 它看起来很假,不够真实。 与中国人相比,美国电影有一些很酷的动画


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