Spring 7th Skype

4 May , 2018  

In the 7th skype called, we talked about road direction. She told me that the driver in Taiwan like to take long distance so they can make more money off of them. The driver would tell them that this way is faster and making up an excuse to take long direction. She told me that one of the drivers charge her around fifty dollars to go to a bank which is so close to them. I told her the driver here is much better than in Taiwan. I told her that we have GPS on our phone so we will know the shortest distance to get there. I like to be funny, so I ask for road direction to her heart. I was laughing so hard and she laughs too.

在第七个Skype中,我们谈到了道路的方向。 她告诉我,台湾的司机喜欢长途跋涉,这样他们可以从中挣更多的钱。 司机会告诉他们,这种方式更快,并提出了采取长期方向的借口。 她告诉我,其中一名司机向她收取了大约五十美元的钱,要去一家离他们很近的银行。 我告诉她这里的司机比台湾好得多。 我告诉她我们的手机上有GPS,所以我们会知道到达那里的最短距离。 我喜欢有趣,所以我向她的心脏请求道路方向。 我笑得很厉害,她也笑了。


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