Spring 8th Skpye

4 May , 2018  

In the last skype called, we talk about the concept of beauty. She asks me what race of girl I like. I told her that I like a white, Asian, and Spanish girl. She asks me to rank the girls base on their look. She shows me a website ranking the world prettiest girls. We told each other our height. We talk about how crowd our gym is her and at her place. she told me that she does not like going to the gym. Later I ask her how many push up she can do and she told me she can only do one push up. I told her that one of my friend cannot even do one push up. She told me what food to eat that will help me with my face beauty.

在最后一个叫Skype的电话中,我们谈论了美的概念。 她问我,我喜欢什么样的女孩。 我告诉她我喜欢白人,亚洲人和西班牙女孩。 她让我根据他们的外表对女生进行排名。 她向我展示了一个排名世界上最漂亮女孩的网站。 我们告诉对方我们的身高。 我们谈论我们的健身房是如何在她和她的地方。 她告诉我,她不喜欢去健身房。 后来我问她可以做多少推,她告诉我她只能做一个推。 我告诉她,我的一个朋友甚至不能一举推动。 她告诉我吃什么食物可以帮助我美容。


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