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京剧: An Introduction to Beijing Opera for Foreigners // Soren Grzegorczyk

5 May , 2018  

“你好!中国!” 是一个外国人学习中国文化的网站。这是关于京剧的视频. 我觉得这个视频很有意思因为我们正在学习中国文化和京剧。这个视频很容易理解因为视频的说话人说英文。这个视频也有中文字幕。这个视频的说话人谈到京剧是一个有二百多年历史的古老戏曲。说话人还谈到京剧的多角色和人物。他最后谈到京剧的乐器。看完这个视频以后,我对京剧的理解进步了。我想中文学生都应该看这个视频吧!

Hello! China! is a website for foreigners to learn about Chinese culture. This video is about Beijing Opera. I think this video is very interesting, because we are currently studying Chinese culture and Beijing Opera. This video is very easy to understand because the speaker in the video speaks English. The video also has Chinese subtitles. The speaker discusses the 200 year history of this ancient opera. The speaker also discusses the various roles and personalities in Beijing Opera. Finally, he discusses the musical instruments used in Beijing Opera. After watching this video, my understanding of Beijing Opera improved. I think all Chinese students should watch this video.


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