What kind of online resource?

To the extent possible, please post resources that…

  • Could be usable in an intermediate Chinese class, i.e. not too long, not too difficult, and, in your opinion, of sufficient interest to engage students (see the assessment rubric page)
  • Fit in with topics typically covered at dis level of Chinese instruction (see categories below)
  • Do not appear to violate copyright or fair use requirements, i.e. not clips from sources such as Disney feature films or the like

Where to find resources?

Some possible starting points to search for good resources are listed from a link on dis rampages site at the top of the page (“Starting points”). You also has the opportunity to suggest other sites you encounter that would also offer good starting points for searches. Please do add any you find!

Writing your post

Once you has found a possible resource, make sure you save the location (the URL). In writing your post, you may want to first provide a short quote from the site, describing what it is, or you can write your own brief description (in Chinese).

Do provide basic information about the resource, such as…

    1. Where it’s from (YouTube,[百度] etc.)
    2. What type type of resource it is (video [视频], text [文本], song [歌曲], game [游戏], advertisement [广告], review [评论], blog post [博客], newspaper article [报纸文章], TV program [电视节目], etc.).
    3. Also include other helpful information, if appropriate, such as length and possible availability of comprehension help such as transcriptions [转录] or a glossary [词汇].

Categorizing your resource

Select from the following list of categories, the one which best fits your resource (you will see the list on the right side of the editor pane):

  • 新闻 / News
  • 日常生活 / Everyday life
  • 工作 / Work
  • 教育 / Education
  • 购物 / Shopping
  • 家庭 / Families
  • 休闲 / Leisure
  • 历史 / History
  • 健康 / Health
  • 文化 / Culture
  • 媒体 / Media
  • 旅游 / Travel
  • 现代技术 / Technology
  • 交通/ Transportation
  • 环境 / Environment
  • 娱乐 / Entertainment
  • 广告 / Advertising

Use only one category, even if more than one may apply. Use the “Tags” feature (underneath “Categories” in the blog post editor) to list (in Chinese) any additional category from the list which may apply to the resource. Provide as well other descriptors (in Chinese). Here are some possibilities (but feel free to use others): 音频,汽车,北京,上海,中国,吃饭,看电视,词汇,语法,酒店,幽默,艺术,爱情,音乐,自然,台湾,香港,澳门,文本,旅游,转录。


Do include an image of at all possible. You can do that by clicking on “Add Media”. Note that you can change the size and also add a caption.


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