Chinese Wedding Customs

14 May , 2016  

This video explains the rules and traditions that goes into a Chinese wedding. In the past, the boy or gild would get matched by his or her’s parents. The match- maker would give the bride gifts. If the parents agree about the wedding, the bride and groom would go through a birthday matching. They would go to a fortune teller and see if their marriage will succeed.

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傳統故事30 清明祭祖

23 Apr , 2016   Video

我喜欢一个视频因为是关于清明节。 清明节很重要在中国文化中。这个视频评清明节习俗。在这个视频中一个爷爷说孙子和孙女关于清明节。爷爷说清明节历史。爷爷也说多清明节习俗。 一个视频也有中文。中文字幕易为了中文学生明白和学习。

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