Chinese Wedding Customs

14 May , 2016  

This video explains the rules and traditions that goes into a Chinese wedding. In the past, the boy or gild would get matched by his or her’s parents. The match- maker would give the bride gifts. If the parents agree about the wedding, the bride and groom would go through a birthday matching. They would go to a fortune teller and see if their marriage will succeed.

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Curation Project, Part 2[助理牧师項目]: ㄅㄆㄇ注音符號與漢語拼音對照 – Tranditional Chinese Pinyin & China Pinyin Reference – YouTube

27 Apr , 2016   Video



  1. 補充練習
  2. 這些有注且拼音:第一第二
  3. 其它例
  4. 維基.科:12
  5. 《Omniglot》〖全方語言
  6. 《About》〖關於

These videos should have information that is simply on point. The embedded links demonstrate Chinese transcription in the form of Zhuyin notation (Also known in Chinese as ‘Phonetic Script’ or ‘BoPoMoFo’). My thoughts are that those watching may find this information to their liking.

The first video link , which provides an interesting educational cartoon that explains this system well alongside adding some play on words.

Yet do please see these other very interesting video links (hyperlinks above).

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5 Mar , 2016  


Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan:天生 339 BCE 死亡: 278 BCE


The story is of a man by the name of Qu Yuan who was a great patriot  of China. He traveled around the Country creating poetry expressing his love and admiration of his country. When he learned of his kingdoms  take over by a rival one in 277 B.C, Qu Yuan threw himself into the Mei Lo River. 

Fishers and people alike loved him, and then try to save him by racing their fishing boats to the middle of the river. They played their drums, and splashed the water to keep the fish away from his body and to keep away the evil spirits. To honor his soul, and to keep it fed, they scattered rice into the water. 

Every year, they hold the, Dragon Boat Festival. The boat races are primarily used for fun. While      teaching and highlighting the history and culture of this historic event.

I chose this because I love Chinese tradition, and the way it is celebrated today.


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