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Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan:天生 339 BCE 死亡: 278 BCE


The story is of a man by the name of Qu Yuan who was a great patriot  of China. He traveled around the Country creating poetry expressing his love and admiration of his country. When he learned of his kingdoms  take over by a rival one in 277 B.C, Qu Yuan threw himself into the Mei Lo River. 

Fishers and people alike loved him, and then try to save him by racing their fishing boats to the middle of the river. They played their drums, and splashed the water to keep the fish away from his body and to keep away the evil spirits. To honor his soul, and to keep it fed, they scattered rice into the water. 

Every year, they hold the, Dragon Boat Festival. The boat races are primarily used for fun. While      teaching and highlighting the history and culture of this historic event.

I chose this because I love Chinese tradition, and the way it is celebrated today.


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